Thursday, August 18, 2011

News on August

July was quite a month for Malaysiakini! We experienced our second DOS attack in conjunction with the Bersih rally. However, this time the site was not drastically affected. International users (and Malaysian Blackberry users) did encounter slow response times, as Malaysiakini's international servers received most of the attack.

July 9th will be remembered in years to come as the day 50,000 people decided to take to the streets to demand clean elections. Malaysiakini's journalist camped out in town from the 8th onwards and reported from the heart of the gathering points across the city. Malaysiakini TV's Bersih videos were watched over two million times!

In August, Malaysiakini will continue its preparations for the general elections. Persistent rumours suggest that the elections will be held this year. We'll be updating our election information portal, conducting election reporting training with our reporters and citizen journalists, and further improve our server infrastructure.

And I think you might see a new Malaysiakini layout soon! Stay tune!

Premesh Chandran