Wednesday, January 25, 2012

A Free and Just Chinese New Year 2012

Malaysiakini wishes all our readers Gong Xi Fa Cai and hopes that the Year of the Dragon will bring peace, justice and freedom to all Malaysians.

Behind the scene

The sodomy ll was certainly the most anticipated and followed news item for the month. Our vidoegrapher-John's car was affrected by one of the bomb blast which smashed his window.

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Malaysiakini team.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Malaysiakini Staff Dinner 2011

Our 2011 staff dinner was a "blast" at City Golf Club at Bangsar Village on 13 Jan 2012. This annual dinner is to celebrate the hard work of everyone and to commemorate 13 years of success. We had a wonderful time! The theme for this year was "Mask is a Must!". Many came with colourful masks. Some bought it while some was self-made. The dance performance by the staff was greeted with wolf calls and wide open eyes (they were all wearing shorts). After having a hearty meal and spiked drinks, many of us karaoked.

Prem and Steven wore the V for Vendetta mask!
The dance performance by "New Girls Generation"!

Ling Fong showed up with a very cute donkey mask

The most enjoyable moment that couldn't be missed was the lucky draw, auction and staff recognition award ceremony. As our names were called, many of us made a bee line to the prize-Think Pad, forgetting the actual handout. We also had time to shake our heads in disappointment. And when the final 3 prizes were announced, 3rd place winner Heidzer jumped in excitement, Indra laughed out loud on receiving the slim Hard Disk and finally the much awaited Think Pad went to Pathmawathy (a lot of us were curiously eyeing Pathma's every move).

Malaysiakini has a strict policy of not accepting gifts of any kind from individuals and companies. Journalists are required to declare gifts above RM10 to the office. These gifts are then auctioned off among Malaysiakini staff and the money raised will be given to a charity of our choice.  We managed to collect RM1000 from the auction (after Steven, Prem and Andrew lost their voice encouraging the highest bidder to go even higher).

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Malaysiakini Team