Here are some of the questions we get asked most frequently:

What are Malaysiakini's mirror sites?

1. www.malaysiakini.com  (main site)
2. www1.malaysiakini.com (mirror site 1)
3. www2.malaysiakini.com (mirror site 2)
4. m.malaysiakini.com (mobile site)

Do not visit or enter your Malaysiakini username and password to any other websites that has similarity to the Malaysiakini website to avoid phishing.

Do report such site(s) to Malaysiakini immediately. You may sent us such website's link directly to subscribe@malaysiakini.com

Thank you.
Malaysiakini team

Does Raja Petra own Malaysiakini?
No. The political blogger Raja Petra Kamaruddin (RPK) does not own any shares, nor is there any official relationship between Malaysiakini and RPK.
RPK is the owner of Malaysia-today.net, of which Malaysiakini has no stake or relationship with.

Why do we have to pay for the news when other websites are free?

We understand other websites are free. We also believe all are funded by politicians or by individuals seeking to support a particular political organisation or faction. Malaysiakini believes that in order to remain independent of political interests, getting the public to subscribe is the only way. If each readers pays a small sum, Malaysia will always have a media which is independent and provides professional journalism,  instead of one which puts advertisers and political interests first.

If I subscribed to the English version, can I also read the full articles in the Chinese version, or vice versa?
Yes, if you subscribe to the English version, you will gain access to all the languages available.

Can I use the same username and password for the English and Chinese section to login?
Yes, you can.

How to subscribe?

To subscribe to Malaysiakini, visit: http://subscription.malaysiakini.com

How to register?
1. Go to the relevant subscription page as in the link above. Fill in the details and create your new username and password.
2. Choose your preferred package.
3. Choose your preferred payment method.
4. You're done! Logout and relogin to access the Malaysiakini site immediately via your registered username and password.

How to pay?
   1. Online method: You can pay via credit card or online banking at the payment option page after choosing the subscription package.
   2. Offline method:
       For Malaysiakini subscription: You can make payment via Maybank Deposit machines or cheque. Our banking details as below:
       Bank: Maybank
       Payee: Mkini Dotcom Sdn Bhd
       Account No: 5141 7815 3586
      Please write your username, package ID and telephone number on the deposit slip and fax the transaction receipt to 03-2788 4539 or email the slip to subscribe@malaysiakini.com

3. For other payment options, please visit:

Why did you not notify me before my subscription expires?
Our automated email system will send you the notification to your registered email address. This notification email will be sent to you 14 days earlier. The system will again send the notification 7 days, 3 days and 1 day before the expiry date. There will be one last email sent to you on the next day after the expiry date as well.

The possibility of not receiving the notification could be the result of it ending up in your junk mail or spam box. Also, In the event if you have changed your email address and did not update it in your Malaysiakini profile, you will not get this notification as well. To update your email address, kindly follow the steps below:

 1. Login at www.manage4me.com with your Malaysiakini username and password.
2. Click on 'My Profile' > 'Update Profile' to change your email address.
3. You're done!

Subscription Refund policy

Subscribers are required to write-in to Malaysiakini for any possible refund for subscription. The  refund amount will be based on prorated for the unused period. Subscribers might be required to provide a valid reason for claiming a refund. Please direct all your emails to subscribe@malaysiakini.com